Squirreling Away Black Walnuts and Country Ham

Those guys were really fast! The fox squirrels I saw burying black walnuts. They were gathering them almost as soon as they’d hit the ground. It’s good I wasn’t planning to gather any nuts this fall. They’re all gone! Rather than walnuts, I decided to squirrel away a winter supply of locally produced country ham from Rice’s Country Ham Store in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. There’s a window of opportunity, October – Christmas Eve for shopping in person. (I noticed they have some expanded ordering times on-line.)

I wanted the complete foodie, in-person experience. So in early October I walked through the front door of the former general store, inhaled the smoky aroma and was warmly welcomed by a friendly couple. The first thing I noticed were the beautiful country hams hanging on a wooden wall.

It was so much fun watching my selected country ham being sliced and seeing the portions being sealed airtight. An added bonus was chatting with the 3rd generation owners and learning about their award-winning country hams, their curing process, history of their family’s country ham business and evolution of their store. This was a priceless foodie fun experience!

So the squirrels have their black walnuts buried for the winter and I’ve frozen several packages of Rice’s award-winning country ham. When I bite into a warm country ham biscuit this winter it will taste even better because of my trip to Rice’s Country Ham Store.

I’m filling away Rice’s Country Ham Store in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee on my list of  BabyBoomerBakes Foodie “Likes”.

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