Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Annual Cook-off

I’m definitely adding the Annual Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Annual Cook-off to my lists of favorites — Foodie “Likes” / Foodie Travel / Florida Travel / Florida Events.

My taste buds went on a tropical journey as I nibbled and tasted my way through the 31st Annual Key Largo Chamber of Commerce’s Cook-off at the Holiday Inn in Key Largo recently.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, although delighted to hear only two hundred $15.00 “sampling” tickets would be sold to the event. I hoped that meant I’d have fairly good odds of tasting anything that struck my fancy. It was right! Even enjoyed seconds of my favorites!

If you’re a local, new to the Keys, spending a short time, or just passing by, it was a fun evening for everyone! As a foodie who loves to travel, I found this a great way to identify additional restaurants I need to try in the Keys. Offerings ranged from Vietnamese sandwiches to Macadamia Crusted Hogfish (Hogfish is popular in the upper Keys!) to traditional local key lime infused pistachio fudge.

Everything I tasted was so good and several things from Key Largo restaurants were …. let’s just say, “Off the chart amazing!” Check out a few of the photos below I shot during the event. Then you may just want to mark your calendar now, just like Baby Boomer Bakes, for next year’s Annual November Key Large Chamber of Commerce’s 32 Annual Cook-off.  Note: Remember to purchase your tickets in advance!

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Annual Cook-off


  1. What a selection and since I love cheesecake that looks especially appetizing!

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