Thanksgiving Crispy Fried Chipotle Corn

Lot’s of folks will be pulling out that deep fat turkey fryer this week, or heading to a big box home improvement store in search of a big turkey fryer.

It that’s you, here’s a great Baby Boomer Bakes side dish recipe. Thanksgiving Crispy Fried Chipotle Corn is easy to prepare and it’s wonderful as a compliment to fried turkey.

Note: You can use the deep fat fryer that you’re using for the bird, although in the following recipe I’ve included methods of frying in a normal size deep fat fryer or a deep frying skillet.

I hope you enjoy Baby Boomer Bakes recipe for Thanksgiving Crispy Fried Chipotle Corn.

Thanksgiving Crispy Fried Chipotle Corn


Yield: 4 servings (8 if ears are cut in half)

1-quart peanut oil

1 large egg

1 tbsp water

1 cup plain panko bread crumbs

1 tbsp chipotle chili powder

1/2 cup self-rising flour

4 ears fresh corn, cut in half and cooked (microwave, grill or boil/steam)

Preheat peanut oil in deep fat fryer or deep frying skillet to 375 degrees.

Whisk together egg and water on dinner plate (or other shallow container); set aside.

Combine panko crumbs and chipotle chili powder (on a dinner plate or other shallow container); set aside.

Place flour on a dinner plate or other shallow container; set aside.

Dredge corn pieces (one at a time) in flour, then egg; and finally in panko mixture using hands to press crumbs onto corn evenly. Set aside until ready to deep fat fry.

Deep fat fry corn pieces at 375-degrees for 1-1/2 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove corn from oil and drain on paper towels. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Enjoy Baby Boomer Bakes Thanksgiving Crispy Fried Chipotle Corn!


  1. This looks insanely good! 🙂

  2. Great idea to have some more to fry after turkey

  3. Sounds absolutely delish and so easy to do. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. This looks wonderful and you can tell from the picture it is really crispy. Just how I like it!

  5. That looks so good! I love corn! Glad to find your blog!

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