All I Want For Christmas … A Week At Toscana Saporita Cooking School

As a serious foodie, there are few culinary gadgets and gizmos that I don’t own. Or perhaps owned at one time. Many have found their way to donation bins throughout the years. So … I don’t need more culinary toys for Christmas.

On the other hand, culinary schools / classes always pique my interest. Today I had the chance to “test-drive” an Italian cooking school in south Florida. Since Italian food is not my favorite, I entered the cooking class at The Ocean Reef Club simply looking for something to do for 3-hours. Then I  came away eager to book a culinary adventure to Italy next spring!

Sandra Lotti, instructor and owner, of Toscana Saporita Cooking School, (located in Italy) along with her son taught this class. I could have listened to her all day … for days, in fact. And by her own admission, Sandra never stops talking. That’s a good thing! She has something important to say about food and I quickly found myself hanging on every word and morsel of culinary information. As she demonstrated recipes, she wove interesting tidbits of food history, food science, and Italian food culture throughout her energetic and charismatic presentation.

Sandra may be the most engaging food instructor on this planet! With record speed and a heavy dose of natural charm and humility she turned several complex food science applications into quick “I can do that too!” techniques for everyone in the classroom. Plus, at the same time she created the most mouth-watering full-course Italian meal I’ve ever eaten.

I came away from Sandra Lotti’s The Vintage Tuscan Table cooking class with soon-to-be treasured recipes for my home kitchen, plus new culinary food science / health information I’ll use every day … forever!

After spending the morning with Sandra, I’m full of Christmas cheer today.  So I’m giving myself a Christmas gift this year. Baby Boomer Bakes is booking a 2013 Trip to the Toscana Saporita Cooking School!  I can’t wait to hunt truffles (with a dog, versus a pig), learn Tuscan cooking from the “master” Sandra Lotti at Toscana Saporita Cooking School and explore new Italian areas during afternoon planned excursions following morning cooking classes. This could be my best culinary trip ever!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. That does sound like fun!

    • After meeting Sandra, I just know this will be a great culinary vacation. They actually pick you up at the airport! How nice! 🙂

      • Mary Beth Seaman says:

        It will be one of the best experiences of your life.
        Mary Beth Seaman, NJ former student of Toscana Saporita cooking school

      • Mary Beth, I’m so excited about this trip. Can’t wait to finalized my week for next year!

      • I was lucky enough to spend a week at Sandra’s Toscana Saporita cooking school in October. It was the best vacation I have ever had! Her warmth and food know how combine to make the entire experience one of a kind. I cannot recommend this school enough.

      • Deb, thanks so much for sharing your feelings! I am so looking forward to spending a week there in 2013. Can’t wait. Just trying to decide between spring and fall.

  2. Having spent a week at with Sandra at Toscana Saporita, I can tell you it will be even better than you imagine. I wrote about it on my blog

  3. Ditto….we spent a week with Sandra et al least July under the Tuscan sun and it was beyond worth the trip – a great education and vacation all rolled into one – truly memorable!

  4. Happy New Year! And have a great time at the cooking school & truffle hunting – sounds like fun.

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