Treat Your Taste Buds To Alabama Jack’s “Monster-Sized” Conch Fritter!

You’ll find the best conch fritters ever (they happen to be “Monster-Sized”) at Alabama Jack’s in Key Largo, Fla. That’s according to my Baby Boomer Bakes taste buds!

Driving from south Florida to the Keys (via Card Sound Road) you’ll approach a bridge tollbooth and that’s your cue to find a parking space alongside the road. You’ll notice tired, nature-worn structures with a top overall and lots of open air areas.

This quirky space of old weather wood, concrete and a tin roof is home to Alabama Jack’s, a bar and oh-so-casual waterside atmosphere for great food. It’s the best casual food I’ve eaten in Florida. Seriously!

I’d heard they were famous for their conch fritters. So that’s what I ordered.

The silverware (or should I say plastic ware) came speared in the food. It’s probably because the breeze (no walls  on two sides) could blow your utensils away! And frankly anything but plastic ware might be to “fancy”. All the sides are homemade. And let’s just say I’ve never tasted better coleslaw and smoky baked beans … oh, my goodness! And this girl grew up in the South eating BBQ sides! Even the tarter sauce was homemade and had nice pieces of sweet crispy pickle.

While you’re eating, dozens of needle nosed fish will gladly share and attack any fritter crumbs you’ll throw over the railing into the water. And red-winged blackbirds perched on the railing adjacent to my table were waiting for their “crumbs” too.

I considered these fins and feathers my dining companions. When my conch fritter arrived, I knew I had enough to share. And sharing my lunch with the wildlife added to my enjoyment of Alabama Jack’s. It’s truly a dining experience!

I’ve lived and traveled throughout Florida for decades and this was one of the beat meals … fine dining or casual … I’ve ever eaten! If your driving to / from the Florida Keys, please do your taste buds a favor and stop off for a meal at Alabama Jack’s! I’m highly recommending the conch fritter, cole slaw and baked beans! Baby Boomer Bakes is heading back there real soon!

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