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North Country Smokehouse Shipment

There’s a reason North Country Smokehouse meats will be featured on five-star restaurant menus nationwide this holiday season  … and in my home too!

Since 1912 North Country Smokehouse has been making artisanal meats and I’ve featured them on my home special occasion dinner tables for over a decade. Also, I just noticed they are the official house purveyor for the James Beard Foundation. Doesn’t that say it all?

UPS delivered to my home this afternoon a supply of artisanal meats I ordered a few days ago. I couldn’t wait to tear into that box! It was like a big gift from Santa … well, not really. I paid for this shipment, but the excitement level was still off the chart! Foodies understand this over the top response. Right?

This year I selected a smoked turkey for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s been marinade in a brown sugar cure for days, and then slow-smoked over applewood fires. I have no worries! My bird looks beautiful. And, oh my goodness, will my home smell good when I slowly warm this bird prior to serving! For now he’s waiting in the freezer for his turn in the oven.

For Christmas Day Brunch I’m serving North Country Smokehouse cob smoked bacon. This is not just any bacon … this is the best bacon in the whole, entire world bacon! If you haven’t tasted North Country Smokehouse’s cob smoked bacon … your taste buds are missing out on a culinary masterpiece! This bacon has a naturally strong smokiness from slow-burning fires of dried corncobs. I can’t begin to describe the taste, because nothing on this earth comes close to this smoky bacon. It’s an experience to be savored. I’ve been ordering hotel-sized packages of this bacon for my home kitchen for several years. It freezes beautifully and the larger size package is more economical. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how good this cob smoked bacon is on a BLT!  Enough said….

And finally, my Christmas dinner table will feature a spiral-cut North Country ham that originated at a Canadian family farm, then was slowly cured for days and hung in a smokehouse over fruitwood chips. North County ham is always tender, sweet and smoky. Plus, it’s a naturally juicy ham.

This is an added bonus! North Country ham tastes best served at room temperature, so I don’t have to worry about last minute cooking and trying to keep meat warm (and moist) for my Christmas dinner table. It’s to bad everything else that I’m making (from scratch) can’t be this easy. 🙂

This the season for sharing …. so I wanted to let you know of these great North Country Smokehouse products.

Merry Christmas from my Baby Boomer Bakes kitchen to yours!


  1. I love the smell of smoked meats. Thanks for the tip on the bacon. I love good bacon.

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